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Vancouver Real Estate Show

Jul 19, 2018

Real estate involves a lot evaluating and investing, and knowing how to properly analyze property is vital. Most individuals are not able to see the value in properties that are not already making money, but there are many hidden gems waiting to be utilized. If you want to learn how to find and invest in valuable property, tune into this episode of Vancouver Real Estate with Gary Wong and Peter Young to hear their tips on real estate investing. 


Show Highlights:

  • Differences between buying real estate and investing in real estate 
  • Learning how to take advantage of your assets 
  • Understanding what you’re buying into 
  • Know how to be in the market 
  • Investing in areas that have fundamental demand 
  • Identify demand and your goals 
  • Talking to a mortgage professional 
  • Not wasting time in making investments 
  • Have the long term in mind