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Vancouver Real Estate Show

Jul 12, 2018

The variety of places to invest your money is consistently growing, and sometimes the “best” one can be a gamble. No one really knows what the next big investment is going to be, and sometimes it is right under our noses. While stocks, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and real estate are beginning to become major investments, it is still in your best interest to evaluate the risks and opportunities that apply to your personal financial status. If you want to learn what the next big investment could be for you, tune into this episode of Vancouver Real Estate Show with Peter Young and Gary Wong. 


Show Highlights:

  • How wealthy people look at online currency 
  • How to evaluate investments 
  • Turning all of your life savings into Cryptocurrency 
  • How to make financial decisions 
  • The elements of value and investing 
  • How to have minimal risks and maximum return 
  • How to evaluate different currencies 
  • Knowing how to invest your money to retire wealthy 
  • Knowing when to go in and when to come out 
  • Regulation being implemented on Cryptocurrency 
  • Not investing all of your money into one place 
  • Mindset of failing investments 
  • Foundations of wealth and compounding 
  • Not focusing on the next best thing but on what you know 
  • How to become successful