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Vancouver Real Estate Show

Jul 5, 2018

Building wealth is a process that occurs differently for everyone, but there are many fundamental steps that any individual can apply to be successful. Many of us are hindering ourselves from growing financially without even realizing it. If you want to understand how to make better financial decisions and get rich quicker, tune into this episode of Vancouver Real Estate Show with Gary Wong and Peter Young to learn easy money secrets. 


Show Highlights:


  • Growing up with wealthy parents 
  • The importance of working really hard 
  • How to build successful habits 
  • What is hindering people from building wealth
  • Asking a lot of questions 
  • The power of compounding 
  • The importance of a spend fund 
  • Working with other people 
  • Investing in learning 
  • Working smart, not hard 
  • Being passionate 
  • Being faithful with small amounts 
  • Finding your reasons why